Thinking about innovating?

Innovation doesn’t have to be daunting. Lots of local businesses have developed new products and services and you could too.

Learn to introduce innovative thinking to your business and follow in the footsteps of Finnebrogue by developing design strategies for new products and services and protecting intellectual property as you go.

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Why innovate?

Businesses must innovate to survive, adapt and succeed in a competitive marketplace. In this section you will find best practice advice and information on the advantages of innovation and how it can help start or grow your business. There is also support you can access to start your innovation journey.


Generate ideas for new products and services for your business

The first step of an innovation journey often involves developing a new product or service. Find out how to generate innovative new ideas, research and develop these innovative ideas, create a branding strategy, investigate available funding options, and access support that will help your business take the first step.


Create a more efficient business

Innovation can improve the performance and efficiency of your business. Learn how to use innovative thinking to grow capacity, increase productivity, improve the competitiveness of your business and become more profitable. There is also support you can access to start your innovation journey.


How can I use design in my business?

When it comes to innovation, there are many different  business design approaches you could use, including user-centred, supply chain, workplace and product lifecycle design. Here you will find out about these approaches, key stages of the design process, how to write a design brief, and create design strategy for your business.


What is intellectual property?

Irrespective of the size of your business, your intellectual property (IP) is worth protecting. Whether it is your business name or your product designs, you have assets that set you apart. Find out about trade marks, copyright protection, patents and CE marking, which will help to protect your IP and your business.


Create a successful brand

A successful brand will create competitive advantage, financial value and a stable asset for your business. Explore the process of developing a brand strategy, choosing a logo and brand name for your business, and details of support available to help you begin the branding process.

Support Finder

Get advice and support

The Northern Ireland business support finder is a searchable database that can help you find publicly-funded and not-for-profit sources of assistance.


Ignite NI Propel Pre-Accelerator Showcase

The Propel Pre-Accelerator helps 20 Northern Irish early stage companies start and launch their business. It is run by Ignite Northern Ireland and supported by Invest Northern Ireland.

Women in Innovation seminar: What we need to know about Innovation

At this event, you will learn what companies should do in terms of innovation, the best route to succeed, and existing opportunities for women innovators.

COVID-19 Response Webinar Series | How design can shape your business response to the Covid-19 crisis

As we enter a new phase of the Covid-19 crisis businesses are looking at ways to adapt, remodel and relaunch their operations and to keep their employees and customers safe at the same time. A Design Thinking mindset is a practical approach that can help us pivot to meet customer and staff needs, innovate quickly and be more responsive in a changing world.

ISCF Manufacturing Made Smarter: Supply Chain Collaboration Workshops

KTN and Innovate UK are hosting a series of online webinar workshops with industry experts to help explore the opportunities for using digital solutions to improve and re-engineer existing manufacturing supply chains and design new supply chain solutions. Dates: 10 Jul - Pharma | 16 Jul - General | 21 Jul Food & Drink | 31 Jul - Aerospace & Automotive.