Innovation Management Standards

Innovative businesses can apply the ISO 56000 standards to introduce an effective innovation management system.


What is innovation management?

Innovation management is a structured process to ensure your business continuously follows the principles of innovation and there are many innovation management tools and system providers in the marketplace.

Innovate NI offers Northern Ireland based businesses a user-friendly, free Innovation Framework that explains the steps you need to successfully take a new idea and turn it into something real that adds value to your business.

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) describes innovation management as a system that helps organisations capture the best ideas and continually improve to keep up with the competition.

Northern Ireland businesses who are committed to, and invest in innovation, may wish to develop their innovation management systems further by adapting the ISO56000 Innovation Management Standards which are internationally recognised guidance notes which cover all aspects of innovation.

What is ISO56000?

ISO is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies that provides management standards on all aspects of the business including health and safety and environmental management. ISO launched its Innovation Management Standards in 2020.

The standards provide guidance for all types of innovation, such as products, services, processes, business models and methods ranging from incremental to radical, as well as all types of approaches, such as internal and open innovation for user, market, technology, and design-driven innovation activities.

So far three innovation standards have been published:

Who can use the guidelines?

The guidelines are for businesses of any type, size or sector, who are looking to achieve sustained success through innovation.

They apply to all types of innovation be it product, service, process, or business model.

Is it essential to follow ISO56000?

It is not compulsory for Northern Ireland businesses to adopt ISO56000 standards. However, they can provide additional guidance for all businesses who are trying to successfully innovate.

At present, the standards provide general guidelines on the principles of innovation management that aim to help businesses conduct their innovation projects more efficiently and effectively, however, in the future it may be possible for businesses to apply for certification from ISO.

Why are innovative businesses more successful?

Innovation is a basic survival tool and is essential for continued business growth and longevity. But it is also important that the process of innovation is well managed within your organisation.

The ISO56000 guidelines can help your business embed effective innovation management practices based on international standards.

Innovate businesses are viewed as being more forward-thinking, making them more attractive to prospective customers, suppliers, investors and staff.

If your business has achieved recognition from Innovate NI, it could help you prove to stakeholders that your enterprise is truly innovative.