Is your business innovating?

Innovation is a novel idea that creates value.

Complete the innovation assessment to find out how innovative your business is and access help to complete the next steps on our Innovation Framework.


Innovation Assessment

Complete our Innovation Assessment to find out where your business sits on the Innovation Framework. Your business may receive an Innovation Recognition Level depending on your innovation activities.

If your project is assessed as innovation, you may be eligible to access specific support to help you move along the framework, creating value in your business. Our support for recognised innovators includes:
•    Direct innovation advice and guidance from an innovation specialist 
•    Signposting to sources of innovation-led funding 
•    Exclusive access to innovation workshops or webinars       
•    Continued support and mentoring throughout your innovation journey 

Completing your assessment

All the questions in this assessment are mandatory unless indicated.

The assessment will take around 30 minutes to complete and it may take up to four weeks to receive the outcome of your assessment.

Complete the form using one innovation idea only, and make sure that your idea aligns with the definition of Innovation.

Make sure you explain the following in detail:

  • How your idea will/does add value to your business.
  • How your idea clearly differs from what other are offering.
  • How you will/did evaluate and test your idea.
  • If introducing new digital technology, how did this change/ improve your services/business model so as to add value to your business.

Download the Innovation Assessment (PDF)

Complete and save your Innovation Assessment and return it by email to, including your business name in the subject field.

Next steps

We will be in touch to confirm your innovation level or if required, to ask for further information.