Keep innovating

Hundreds of local businesses such as TriMedika and Andor Technology are already innovating successfully, and you could join them. Build on the success of your innovation projects, embrace new technologies and protect intellectual property

Help your grow your business by exploring best practice operating models and how to access innovation networks.

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Increase business growth through efficiency

Successful businesses are both innovative and efficient. Learn how you can improve your business efficiency by reviewing work practices and structures, implement best practice such as lean thinking and operational excellence, and access support that will increase profitability and continuous improvement.


Develop an innovative network

Many innovation projects are successful because they have benefited from a support networking and forming partnerships with universities, colleges and investors to boost their chances of success. Explore the various types of innovation networks which exist, how to get involved with them and the financial support available.


Commercial benefits of innovation

By embedding an innovative business model, your products and services will become more commercially viable and attractive to the market. Get help to research and develop innovative new ideas, manage research and development processes, attract and retain the best talent, and get inspiration from others.


Innovate with new technologies

Introducing new technology can lead to innovative processes, products, services and working practices. Learn more about the practical application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and sensor technology in business to improve efficiency, become more innovative and strengthen their competitiveness as a result. 


Protect your businesses intellectual property

Innovative businesses protect their intellectual property (IP) and ensure they comply with all associated regulations. As IP laws vary from country to country, its important patent advice specific to your business and learn how to protect your business against infringements, protect your IP abroad and resolve patent disputes.

Support Finder

Get advice and support

The Northern Ireland business support finder is a searchable database that can help you find publicly-funded and not-for-profit sources of assistance.


Ignite NI Propel Pre-Accelerator Showcase

The Propel Pre-Accelerator helps 20 Northern Irish early stage companies start and launch their business. It is run by Ignite Northern Ireland and supported by Invest Northern Ireland.

Women in Innovation seminar: What we need to know about Innovation

At this event, you will learn what companies should do in terms of innovation, the best route to succeed, and existing opportunities for women innovators.

COVID-19 Response Webinar Series | How design can shape your business response to the Covid-19 crisis

As we enter a new phase of the Covid-19 crisis businesses are looking at ways to adapt, remodel and relaunch their operations and to keep their employees and customers safe at the same time. A Design Thinking mindset is a practical approach that can help us pivot to meet customer and staff needs, innovate quickly and be more responsive in a changing world.

ISCF Manufacturing Made Smarter: Supply Chain Collaboration Workshops

KTN and Innovate UK are hosting a series of online webinar workshops with industry experts to help explore the opportunities for using digital solutions to improve and re-engineer existing manufacturing supply chains and design new supply chain solutions. Dates: 10 Jul - Pharma | 16 Jul - General | 21 Jul Food & Drink | 31 Jul - Aerospace & Automotive.