Innovation Accreditation launch picture

Newry based STATSports is the first Northern Irish business to successfully complete, and achieve, the internationally recognised Innovation 360 Accreditation.

The company, which has also achieved Platinum Level Innovator status from the Innovation Accreditation Programme, undertook the Innovation 360 assessment of their business to find out how innovative they were and to learn how to improve further.

Find out how Gillian and Fergal led STATSports through the Innovation Accreditation process.

Case Studies

  • Darren Leslie with PAC's Preformer

    Carbon Composite Fibre for Net Zero

    PAC Group gain a competitive advantage with ground-breaking solutions.

    October 2021

    4 mins read

  • regtick


    Regtick is visually intuitive software that simplifies regulatory change programmes. It helps organisations reduce their costs, improve control and collaboration, and provide evidence of compliance.

    September 2021
  • Seedlings growing in pots with text: ERP Software for Growers: Start improving your nursery operations today.


    Growflo is a cloud-based, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system developed specifically for the global horticulture industry.


    September 2021

    3 min read


It's easy to apply for the Innovation Accreditation Programme. Simply complete the self-assessment to discover where you are on the Innovation Framework today.