Gapotape by Gapogroup


Eliminating the performance gap in the construction sector

With the rising cost of fuel prices, conserving energy and increasing efficiency have never been more of a concern. Approximately 75% of heating is lost through rooves, floors, and walls.

Buildings are designed with a targeted level of energy performance, but these targets are seldom reached when the buildings are completed. The disparity has become known as ‘the performance gap.’

This performance gap was causing significant issues for the construction sector. Homes weren’t being future-proofed if they were failing to meet their energy performance targets predicted at the design stage. With dwellings accounting for around 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, they must be built to perform if we are serious about meeting our 2050 carbon reduction targets. Energy inefficiency is costing home occupiers thousands of pounds on fuel.

Bridging this performance gap was imperative to the Gapogroup. They developed Gapotape, a unique product that was the answer the construction industry was looking for. Gapotape is a thermal insulation tape made of latex foam and reinforced aluminium foil backing to encase rigid insulation boards. It’s built to fit and proven to eliminate the performance gap.

A simple product but a recipe for success. Gapotape is patented in the UK and is awaiting its European patent. Innovate NI recognised Gapogroup’s success with a Platinum Level Innovator Award.

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The Gapogroup knew that the performance gap was causing real issues in the construction sector. Rigid installation is suspectable to air gaps appearing due to the warping and shrinkage of timber elements.

They identified and developed a novel solution to this problem. Gapotape forms a tight seal around the edge of rigid insulation panels. It’s installed with no air gaps and a tight fit on all four sides.



Gapogroup aimed to create the world’s first holistic non-permeable insulation solution that uses no harsh chemicals and is easily installed. They wanted to solve a real problem and provide trade professionals and DIY-ers with an actionable solution.

Gapogroup secured funding from the Technical Funding Incentive (2018) and City Climate Gap Fund (2019) to develop their product, improve their process, and carry out testing.

Development & Testing

Gapotape underwent independent testing by the British Board of Agrément and the National Physical Laboratory. It’s the only product globally that’s been proven to eliminate the performance gap entirely.

Gapotape is the first proven product to eradicate air leakage and thermal bridging where rigid boards are fitted between rafters in rooves, walls, and floors. It increases the performance of rigid PIR insulation from 20% of expected performance to 100%.



Gapotape is a step-change for the construction industry. As the first product of its kind, it’s received a UK patent.

The Gapogroup have won numerous awards in recognition of their innovative solution. Most notably the Home of 2030 competition, a body established by HM Government and judged by the Royal Institute of Architects and the Building Research Establishment to highlight products that will be essential in the next decade.

Gapotap won the award for scalability across the UK. The award supports innovations that aim to reduce typical new-build costs by up to 20% without compromising construction quality. The award was presented by the UK Housing Minister, the RT Hon Christoper Pincher.

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