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If you have a small business idea, no matter how big or small, now is the time to grow it.

Innovation isn’t just about new products – it’s about developing new services and processes too. 

Perhaps you are innovating already, but you're not sure how innovative you are or have not told anyone about your innovations? Would you like to learn more about innovation strategy, product development, or ways to improve business efficiency?

Well, now is the time to complete our self-assessment to discover if you have completed any of the steps on the innovation framework. You'll get recognition for your efforts and get direction to progress to the next step, creating value for your business.


It's easy to apply for the Innovation Accreditation Programme. Simply complete the self-assessment to discover where you are on the Innovation Framework today.


Working alongside our experts you’ll receive guidance, support, resources and recognition at every stage. On this website, you have a step-by-step guide to help evaluate your ideas, test and refine your product or process, and get them ready for market. 

WE ARE PARADOXX did just that; watch our video or read the case study of how they grew the seeds of an idea into a successful business.

Follow in their footsteps and bring your idea to life!

After you complete a step on our Innovation Framework, you’ll be awarded a corresponding recognition level (bronze, silver, gold or platinum) so you can share your progress
with the world.

To follow in the footsteps of businesses who are already innovating, read our case studies where Northern Ireland businesses reveal how they followed our innovation management framework to transform their business.

Begin your innovation journey today, from original idea to market success.

For more information, explore the Innovation Framework - a process for ideation, selection, development and commercialisation – and read our innovation case studies.