Beginning to innovate?

Innovation should be systematic, manageable and cost-effective. This section will help you create a plan of action for your project and embed design throughout your operations.

Learn how to develop a successful brand, increase business efficiency and undertake research and development. There is also a range of support from our innovation partners.

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Use innovation to start or grow your business

Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas. It could involve starting a new business, or finding ways to increase efficiency and profitability. Here you will find information on how to create an innovative business, develop a plan of action, create new products and services, and access the right support.


Implement design thinking

As well as developing new products or services, business design can help to streamline your supply chain and workplace processes. This section will help you to use design effectively within the workplace, document and manage the design process, put together a design team for your innovation project, and secure funding.


Design a successful brand

Innovation can involve developing a new product or service, or diversifying into a new market. Designing and managing a successful brand is an essential element of the innovation process. These resources will help you explore re-branding, choose a designer to work with, or develop a user-centred approach to web design.


Improve your business efficiency

Businesses of all sizes and from all industry sectors will benefit from increasing efficiency, improving working practices, implementing resource efficiency projects or introducing just-in-time production methods. The below information will show you how to streamline your processes and operating costs, reduce waste and make your business more efficient and profitable.


Research and develop ideas, new products and services

Research is essential to successful innovation. This section provides information to help you explore the commercial benefits of research and development (R&D), develop a R&D strategy for your business, identify what R&D to do internally and what to outsource, manage key stages of the product lifecycle, and access available support.


Protect your intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) such as design rights, copyrights and patents are very valuable business assets. Read the information in this section to find out how to license your copyright, search for and register designs, manage patents without infringing on other people’s design rights, and protect your IP and your business.

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Get advice and support

The Northern Ireland business support finder is a searchable database that can help you find publicly-funded and not-for-profit sources of assistance.


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