Innovation is implementing new ideas to deliver value.

It’s not just about inventing new products, or developing a service. It could be about finding new ways to increase business efficiency, changing your business model or adapting to changing in the marketplace. Innovation will deliver significant benefits. It can help your business solve problems, increase market share, improve competitiveness and become more successful.


What is Innovate NI?

Innovate NI is a Department for the Economy initiative, delivered by Invest Northern Ireland in partnership with local councils and further education colleges.


What is innovation?

Innovation is for all kinds of businesses and takes many forms.


Why innovate?

Businesses must innovate to adapt, survive and thrive in a competitive market place.


Innovation levels

We have identified four innovation levels to represent a businesses innovation achievements. 


Innovation guidance

We have curated content from a range of partners to help businesses to start thinking about innovating, beginning to innovate or to keep innovating.

Support Finder

Get advice and support

The Northern Ireland business support finder is a searchable database that can help you find publicly-funded and not-for-profit sources of assistance.


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