DELI LITE-FUL success at Lunch! 2019

Brian Reid CEO Deli Lites Innovation Challenge Award winners at Lunch!


Lunch! is a leading trade show bringing together over 400 exhibitors including cafes, coffee shops, sandwich bars, and other food-to-go sector businesses. 

Each year Lunch! hosts the Innovation Challenge Awards to promote and celebrate new ideas in the market place. 

On day one of the show, the public and VIP buyers voted for their favourite innovations, whittling the 110 entrants down to 15 finalists. Then, on day two, the finalists pitched their ideas to a judging panel of industry experts, hoping to impress with their daring products and packaging.

DELI LITES took away a silver award for their Guilt-free Plant-based Donor Kebab, while their Plant-based Coconut Mocchaccino 'breakfast on the go' product won a bronze award.

Read more about Lunch! trade show and the Innovation Challenge Awards 


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